48 Hours: Paris


While many hotels serve as a place to anchor your luggage and to place your head on a pillow, Le Narcisse Blanc is not one of those hotels. When you cross the threshold into its rooms, even the most frequent of travelers can be gobsmacked. It may very well have the nicest hotel rooms we've ever stayed in. In fact, the rooms are so elegant, that we took pains to not disturb them too much and removed are shoes and neatly put away our belongings. It's Parisian chic done meticulously well. And if that weren't enough, the have a very nice spa and swimming pool that one should definitely take advantage of. 


There's no shortage of great bakeries in Paris, but arguably the best croissant is the one nearest to you. Rest assured Douceurs et Traditions, a five minute walk from Le Narcisse Blanc, has fabulous croissants. The bakery was rated as the number three best croissant maker in 2014

Dinner: Keziah

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France has a rich tradition of ethnic North African cuisine which is often overlooked. Don't make that same mistake. Keziah has incredible Moroccan cuisine served in an informal, family friendly, atmosphere. Be sure to order the tajine, and the bastilla. And of course finish the meal with some traditional Moroccan mint tea.

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While Germany may be known for its automative exports, Hiltl trousers maybe the BMW equivalent for German trousers. Established in 1955 Hiltl may arguably be Germany's finest trouser brand, but remains relatively unknown outside of Germany.

That should change now. In 2016, NORD Holding acquired Hiltl and has decided to inject some new energy into a German heritage brand with the appointment of Andreas Wolfer as the new Managing Director.  

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REVIEW: Leibal Travel Clock

Leila began life as a design blog, but since 2012 it has maintained a curated online shop of a variety of beautiful and minimalist items. One such item, the Leibal Travel Clock caught our eye. 

We recently had the chance to play around with the travel clock. The clock is powered by AA batteries and thankfully does not make a very discernible tick-tock noise. The genius feature of the clock is that it can easily be rotated by spinning the clock around 360 degrees. For example, you set the time per your desire time zone, and then if you would like to see the time Seoul or Islamabad, you simply rotate the clock to that particular city. 

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INTRODUCING: Equus Leather Belts

Equus Leather is a relatively new brand that has quickly made a name for itself for its beautiful handmade English leather products. Founded by Charlie Trevor, a true artisan, Equus produces high end leather goods emanating from the tradition English bridle leather. There are no logos to call attention to itself, just beautiful leather. We recently had the chance to speak with Trevor and learn more about Equus below. 

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