REVIEW: Dundas London: The Best RTW Linen Shirts

Dundas London is the eponymous brand of Jamie Dundas who loves linen shirts. Jamie recently launched Dundas London and specializes in making linen shirts. We got the chance to review the shirt and interview Jamie Dundas. 

After scouring Europe, and visiting over 70 mills, Jamie hand picked two of the best linens available. The White, Navy, and Blue shirts come in a Turkish linen (139 gsm); and the Green and Pink shirts come in a Northern Irish linen (143 gsm). The pink shirt has a nice weight to it and is by far the best linen shirt we've received. Both fabrics have a tight weave, high thread count, and come in brilliant colours which is hard to achieve with linen. Our pink shirt felt heavenly in our hands and draped very well. Once its a bit warmer, we can't wait to put it on. The shirt comes with beautiful, thick buttons with a Dundas logo on the side the buttons. Last but not least, the shirt comes in beautiful box which can be reused. 

LC: When was Dundas founded? How did you enter this business and industry and what's your background?

JD: I personally had no fashion experience what so ever! But I had been quietly obsessing about linen shirts for years, frustrated that really good ones where hard to find and no brand has staked their claim on this territory. So after a tireless hunt around Europe for the best linen and making multiples samples, we launched our first range in May this year.  

LC: Why the focus on linen shirts? Any chance you'll make linen pants?

JD: I think its important to stick to doing what you're passionate about and for me that is specifically shirts, and in particular the linen shirt. They’re stylish, cool & breezy, untucked, free-flowing, giving them a certain laid-back charm…yet still maintaining the luxury of a premium product. Whatsmore quality linen shirts actually improve with wear and become old favorites!

JD: Do you plan to add additional products?

LC: Yes definitely. As I say, first and foremost Dundas is a shirt tailoring brand and my real passion revolves around casual shirts that fit the 'dressing down stylishly' category. We are sampling with other fabrics at the moment so watch this space! That said, I think we've got a lot more to do with linen - we're developing the shirt this year and adding colours for 2015. 

LC: How do you see the company growing in the next 3-5 years?

JD: Our short term goal is to become the 'go to' destination for all guys who love linen shirts. And to persuade the rest that they should be wearing linen! But after that we want to become a market leader in quality and stylish casual shirting, building our online platform and be stocked in multiple boutiques around the world.  

LC: Aside from the UK, where else are you distributing your shirts?

JD: Mainly continental Europe. But also Australia, United States and Argentina. 

LC: Where are your shirts made? And where did you source your fabric from?

JD: We sampled in Italy, Portugal, Spain and Turkey, but interestingly the best quality we found came from a factory we now use in Lithuania. The quality and comfort of the linen shirt is all about the fabric so this was something I wanted to get absolutely right. After travelling across Europe, visiting over 70 different mills, I selected two different linens - one from Turkey and one from Ireland. Both fabrics have a tight weave, high thread count and carry a rich colour.

LC: What would you like customers to know about your brand?

JD: I love linen shirts and the greatest satisfaction I get is seeing a guy wearing one of my shirts - looking and feeling great in it. Our core brand principle is to make men feel free, unrestricted, adventurous, and stylish. Everything we do is built on this and we hope results in making shirts for men of extraordinary quality and comfort. 

LC: What brands or products inspire you?

JD: Finlay and Co, Sirplus, Eddie Harrop. All brands that produce beautiful products and are driven by people who are passionate about what they do and refuse to compromise on quality.