REVIEW: European MTM Shirts: Sangar Shirts

Sangar, is a not as well known as its other European MTM shirt peers. Based in Estonia, the company tends to have a lower profile - hopefully we can change that. We had the chance to work with Raul who was an absolute pleasure to work with. We had notified him that we were focused on reviewing European MTM shirts and were focused on using blue and white Thomas Mason fabrics to equalize that across other retailers. Raul asked us for measurements and quickly dispatched two shirts. The first two shirts, however, were measured incorrectly by us and were bit too long at the tail. Raul quickly offered to fix this and sent us an incredible light blue herringbone Thomas Mason shirt.

Website: We did not use the Sangar website while making our shirt so we cannot evaluate the website as a user directly. That said, the company offers a decent 3D rendering engine, better than most frankly. 

Fabrics: Sangar appears to have a decent range of fabrics, but somewhat limited in its online MTM section of the shirt. 

Customer Service: The first shirts we received from Sangar were a bit too long, but that was our fault due to a measurement issue. The company was very quick to remedy our error and quickly dispatched a new shirt. 

Fit & Construction: The final shirt we received was perfect. Of all the shirts we reviewed, Sangar was the only one to offer a soft collar and cuff by default which made the shirts more comfortable. Pair that with the Thomas Mason fabric and the shirts were perfect. The mother of pearl buttons were neither too thin nor too thick, but of a medium consistency which made it easier to button them.

That said, if we had to find a fault, and that's a reach, was that the collar was not as wide as we would have preferred in a cut away collar. Sangar was also the only company to ask us if we had a sloping shoulder and adjusted the shirts accordingly.

Conclusion: We highly recommend Sangar for its MTM shirts. The shirts we received were well constructed and fit well