REVIEW: MTM Shirts: Lewis & Taylor Shirt

Lewis & Taylor, is a well known online MTM shirt maker, and has a loyal following. The company follows in the tradition of Hong Kong tailoring, known for making high quality shirts with quick turn around. We had the chance to work with LT's Ed who offered us a shirt to review. We choose a dark blue end-on-end Thomas Mason fabric and decided to test out the company's ability to customize a shirt with a two button collar and three button cuffs, similar to Turnbull & Asser.

Website: The LT website does not offer a fancy 3D render of a shirt and is fairly bare bones, but in a good way. You pick your fabric and select whatever customizations you want. However, one short coming of the website is that it does not give you a chance to see the true feel of a fabric.

Customer Service: LT's shirt came with a few drawbacks. Our shirt had some writing on the back of the collar and a stain on the back of the shirt. We emailed Ed about this and he suggested mailing the shirt back to Hong Kong - unrealistic to us, or accept a $40 voucher. Frankly, other retailers would have sent a new shirt over immediately. 

Fabrics: Of all the shirt retailers we have tested thus far, LT has the widest selection of higher end fabrics. They carry Tessitura Monti, Thomas Mason, and Liberty of London fabrics. In particular, Liberty fabrics are hard to come by online. 

Fit and Construction: Following Ed's instructions, we washed the shirt and the stain disappeared although the writing did not. Overlooking that, the shirt fit very well. We were somewhat disappointed by the width of the cutaway collar and felt it should have been a bit wider. That said, the two button collar fit well and the three button cuffs were great. 

Conclusion: LT offers a high quality shirt with a reasonable price range. For shirt afficianodos seeking very customized shirts in terms of collors and cuffs, LT is the place to look. Ed, assured us that we had a unique experience with our shirt being stained and did offer to replace it. If you are seeking a highly customized shirt with high end fabrics, LT is the place to go.