Writing With Our Hands

Baron Fig's Confidant.

 At Lyf Consul, we like to write, and prefer to do so with our hands holding a pen and writing on paper. There is nothing quite like holding a sturdy pen and hearing the faint scratch of nib against paper.  

While perhaps there is nothing more utilitarian than a yellow legal pad, it is no where near as elegant as a small notebook. While Moleskine of late has dominated the market, and there are also other entrants (e.g. Field Notes), we have yet to find something as elegant as Baron Fig's Confidant notebook. Designed for by those that use notebooks, for those that use notebooks, the team at Baron Fig has given a lot of thought to its design and specifications. First, the notebook opens flat, to allow you to write on it as you would at the beginning of the book. Second, the book is well designed, neither too big nor too small. Lastly, the book contain 192 pages of 100 gsm weight paper, that comes either lined, blank, or dot grid. It also includes 10 perforated pages. The only thing it is missing is a pocket in the back. (The folk's at Quartz have a great interview with the founder of Baron Fig here).

Lamy's Safari fountain pen.

So now that you've got something to write on, what about something to write with? Adults use fountain pens. In many parts of the world, children are first taught to write exclusively with fountain pens. There is perhaps no better fountain pen, in terms of design, performance, and price, than the German designed and made Lamy Safari. The pens come in an incredible range of colours (neon yellow, green, red, black), with both glossy and matte finishes. The pen itself can be purchased on Amazon in the Fine nib (although you may prefer the Extra Fine nib), with the requisite ink. 

Buy It: Confidant $16 / Safari pen $27