REVIEW: The Best of Japan: Kamakura Shirts

Kamakura Shirts. Tokyo Slim Fit in a cutaway collar.

As of late, Kamakura Shirts from Japan have been getting a good deal of attention, from the likes of GQ to various fashion blogs. In certain circles, the company has become known for their Oxford cloth button down (OCBD) shirts. But, focusing on OCBD shirts, ignores what Kamakura is really about.

Founded in 1993, by Yoshio Sadasue and his wife, Kamakura Shirts, is focused on providing its customers with beautiful shirts, excellent customer service, all at a very reasonable price point  - with each shirt costing as little as $79. The shirts are all made with premium fabrics, and joined together with single-needle seams, and finished with genuine Takase shell button. Moreover, the shirts are constructed using non-fusible interlining so the collars and cuffs have a very soft and comfortable finish. The shirts are offered in a variety of cuts, and with semi-spread and cutaway collars. We should also note that Kamakura also offers beautiful linen shirts, ideal for the summer, and recently also introduced knit shirts which again got a nod from GQ.

The company claims it shirts are "quite simply, the best quality shirts that money can buy," and at $79 each they are right. If you're in Japan, you can find Kamakura stores just about everywhere, and they opened up their only American store in New York city recently. 

Buy It: $79