REVIEW: Quixotic: In Search for Pocket Squares

The Quixotic search for chivalry; "Inspiring Gentlemanly Action." 

Meet Quixotic, a Dallas, TX based company that is reintroducing men to chivalry through their unique and colourful pocket squares. 

Quixotic takes chivalry very seriously; what else should we expect from the American South?Similar to WarbyParker or Tom's, the company will replace your pocket square if the square is lost or damaged in a "gentlemanly act of kindness." If that wasn't enough to get you to buy a square or two, 10% of the company's sales are donated to organizations focused on domestic violence prevention. At Lyf Consul, we couldn't endorse that mission more ardently. 

The pocket squares come in a wide assortment of colours, and fabrics, but all share a distinctive stitched red square, which adds a bit of character. The squares are all named for a day of the week, so you will be set Monday thru Friday. All the squares also come with a handy plastic card that one can use to help keep your square in place as you fold it.  If you're only going to buy one (but why would you stop there?), we recommend the "Classic" - in a European white linen, it is certainly the most versatile of the bunch. 

Buy It: $35