REVIEW: A Sleeve to Rule Them All: WaterField Designs

Waterfield, more than just bags.

There is no shortage of bags, backpacks, and specialized bags for carrying your laptop in. Similarly, there is no shortage of sleeves from a variety of manufacturers. Today, however, we would like to introduce you to WaterField Designs.

Made in San Francisco, CA the company makes a wide assortment of bags, and sleeves. The products are made from high quality fabrics. The sleeves are made from ballistic nylon and can be customized a few different ways. The sleeves are damn near indestructible. In fact, our office is littered with sleeves from old laptops, some that are older than a decade but still in great shape. While the laptops the sleeve were meant to protect have now become obsolete, the sleeves are still going strong; if only we knew what 

The video below provides some insight into the company's ethos: