How Turbans Helped Some Blacks Go Incognito In The Jim Crow Era

Turban Incognito.

It is said that clothes make the man. America's NPR bring us one such story from America's past of Rev. Jesse Routté. An African-American, Routté was able to pass freely in the South and dine in white only areas simply by changing his dress. By donning robes, a turban, and modifying his accent Routté was able to transcend colour. His son, comments on his father: 

He didn’t change his color. He just changed his costume, and they treated him like a human,” says Luther Routté, who has been a Lutheran pastor for 25 years. It “shows you the kind of myopia that accompanies the whole premise of apartheid or segregation.

The entire article can be found on NPR and is worth a read.