REVIEW: The Polo Shirt by Uniqlo

Uniqlo's classic polo shirt.


The polo shirt is a summer staple, and there is no shortage of brands with miniature polo ponies or amphibious animals to adorn them. In our estimation, however, a shirt is to be worn not for its logo, but rather for its quality. 

Uniqlo, the Japanese fashion giants, has established itself as a giant, in particular for its wardrobe staples. Its polo shirt is one of these items that every man should have. Made of a cotton and polyester blend, Uniqlo's polo shirts are made with its "Dry" fabric which wicks away perspiration. Unlike most other synthetic fabric blends, Uniqlo's is supremely comfortable and can go through your laundry machine and come out brand new. The shirts come in a veritable rainbow of colors.  Important to note, given its Japanese origins, all of the shirts small and x-small sizes are suitable for men of less than average height.