INTRODUCING: Par Avion - The Pocket Square by Striiiipes

It's not often we get very excited about new brands or products. But we recently came across a pocket square, yes a pocket square, that caught our attention. And from here we learned of the brand - Striiiipes (that's four i's), a quirky and devilish French accessories brand. 

The creative mind behind the accessories is Arthur Lhermitte, and we wish him the best of luck. He also has come up with some other incredibly interesting products, such as a brown paper lunch bag, but in suede.  

What caught our attention, and stirred our nostalgia was this beautiful and mischievous pocket square. Meant to look like a traditional par avian envelope. While we couldn't review one, we would certainly love to get our hands on one. 


Please deliver to the nearest suit pocket.

As worn by Arthur