Pochette Square - The online retailer for pocket squares

The online retailer of pocket squares.

The online retailer of pocket squares.

We recently came across Pochette Square, a French maker of high end pocket squares and retailer of other brands of pocket squares. The site carries a variety of brands of pocket squares including: Shibumi, Biovin, Berg & Berg, Striiiipes, amongst others. We recently had the chance to interview Pocket Square's founders.

LC: How did you get started in the industry? And why focus on pocket squares:

PS: The idea was to build an online shop dedicated to pocket squares. In 2011, this little fashion accessory was being reborn everywhere: on magazine, on catwalks, on TV shows, but it was still hard to find it online. 

LC: Who's behind Pochette Square and what are your background?
PS: Pochette Square was founded in 2011, in Lille, North of France, by Gaillord Janson a young entrepreneur who graduated from a management school. He was then joined a year later by Sebastien Descamps who was working in advertising agency as an AD for over 10 years and who decided to devote himself to online fashion. 

LC: How did you and your team come upon this idea, and why did you pick pocket squares?
PS: Apart from our passion to a man's fashion and elegance, as we said previously, the rarity of this accessory helped us to come upon this idea. The pocket square is more than a detail, it's a major accessory. Long gone is the time when this square was brining joy only to nostalgic dandies or chaps. 

LC: How did you select which brands you carry?
PS: Quality is our number one priority, we wanted to offer high quality products to our customers. We choose brands who make their products in the best tradition and original designs we cannot create with a real creative process. 

LC: How did you select the original colors and selection?
PS: Colors are selected through out the seasons, we are constantly looking for what is trending and what will be the next collection about. However some of our products are timeless, most of our classic models, which we replenish every time they are sold out. This is the case of our best seller, "White Trash," a plain white model mady by 100% natural cotton and 100% handmade in Paris. 

LC: Is this your full time job?
PS: Yes! We are on all fronts: creating designs, fabric selections, quality control, back office, front office, marketing, media relations, products, photography, website content, etc...

LC: Where do you see PS growing over the next few years, and do you plan to diversify into other accessories or products?
PS: Pochette Square is still growing and our products are distributed among a few countries already: Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, and Taiwan. Soon in Norway and South Korea. We are thing about the launch of a new line of accessories coming up soon: ties and bow ties with the same standards of quality: 100% natural fabrics and tailoring by artisans recognized for their expertise. 

LC: What brands and companies inspire you and your team?
PS: We love brand which have a real commitment and real creative personality such as: P. Johnson, Berg & Berg, and Shibumi

LC: How are your pocket squares made? How do you come up with the designs?
PS: We offer two types of pocket squares - our cotton pocket squares are made and hand rolled in Paris. The silk and linen squared are rolled in Italy by Italian houses. The designs are selected depending on the trend (patter, color, material), but also on the fabric we are using. 

LC: Can you tell us more about the made by hand elements of the pocket squares and their craftsmanship in both France and Italy?
PS: Our cotton squares are hand rolled in the main centre of Paris by talented female workers who keep their "roulette" technology secret. Very few French houses still offer this type of technique. We are very proud to work with people who have a genuine traditional craftsmanship.