REVIEW: Red Maloo's Lanyard Keychain

A place to put your ear buds.

We use our iPhone ear buds all the time at Lyf Consul, whether its to listen to music or make a phone call. 

The problem, however, with the Apple's ear buds is that they tend to get pockets, in jackets, in our desk, or wherever it is that lost earbuds go. We finally discovered a reasonable place to put them.

Red Maloo, a Berlin, Germany, based manufacturer of felt based computer and phone cases provides the Lanyard Keychain. All their products are made by hand in Berlin and the felt is sourced from 100% wool felt from Germany. The team behind Rad Maloo are Katja Hettler and Jula Tullman. 

The keychain is made of heavy duty felt and comes in bright and bold colours orange and lime green, and more sedate grey and black. We suggest you get one now, especially before you purchase your next iPhone. Personally, we opted for the bright orange.