Inside Striiiipes: Our Interview and Workshop Visit

Recently we introduced Striiipes, the Parisian accessories maker with a quirky sense of humor and a penchant for quality hand made goods. We recently had the chance to sit down with Arthur Lhermitte, the founder of Striiipes for an interview and visit his workshop.

The photos above highlight the Striiipes' workshop and how Arthur puts together his lime green ostrich wallet.

LC: How did you get started in the industry? And why the focus on accessories?

AL: I studied fashion design at the Studio Berçot in Paris. I then decided to start my own company. Focusing on the accessories was at the beginning for practical reasons: easier to manage sizes, stocks. The production processes are shorter: only a few weeks from the idea to the product launch.

LC: Who's behind Striiiipes and what are your backgrounds?

AL: We are currently 3 working at Striiiipes. All with fashion design background. I also studied marketing in a French business school.

LC: How did you and your team come upon this idea, and how did you come up with the design for the suede lunch bag or the par avion pocket square (also why not in linen)?

AL: We like to work on different projects, with different fabrics, techniques, tools. We like to try out new things.

We all know the big brown bags from the American movies and TV shows, it’s part of the " American image" we have here in France. The Lunch bag was one of our first products.

We wanted to make it more durable, and use materials that were the opposite of paper. Changing everything but the dimensions and usage.

As for the Par Avion pocket square, we wanted to play with the way people wear pocket squares or scarves. When it’s in your breast pocket no one can see the whole design printed, you can only see some parts, the borders.

So we only printed the edges of the pocket square with the international red and blue stripes.

Quality products is one of our top priorities, it’s only available in 100% silk because we did not manage so far to find the quality linen we hoped for.

LC: Where do you see Striiiipes growing over the next few years, and do you plan to diversify into other accessories or products?

AL: We are really enthusiastic about the future. There are still a lot of things we want to do: continue with fashion accessories (we will be launching a leather line this september) but also work on a clothing line. 

LC: What brands and companies inspire you and your team?

A lot! Maison Martin Margiela, Jil Sander, Céline, Phillip Lim, Thom Browne, Buscemi are just a few of the brands we like.

LC: Do you make the products yourself? 

AL: Except for the scarves (that can only be printed in a factory), we make all of the products in our workshop in Paris.

LC: Thank you.