MTM Shirts: ModernTailor Review

ModernTailor, is a relatively well known online MTM shirt maker. ModernTailor follows in the tradition of Hong Kong tailors that now offers a wider variety of fabrics and MTM shirts online. We had the chance to work with Leah and the ModernTailor team. We opted for a less expensive  light blue end-on-end fabric with a cutaway collar and button cuffs. 

Website: The ModernTailor website is not feature robust but does allow you to pick a fabric. It does not do the shirt rendering, which is not a real negative, but it is relatively difficult to determine the look and feel of a fabric. 

Customer Service: As we attempted to decide which fabric to choose, the customer service at ModernTailor was prompt and very helpful. Leah and her team are fantastic. 

Fabrics: The fabric selection at ModernTailor is not as extensive at some other places, but they do have a great basic range. 

Fit and Construction: We used another shirt that fits us well and the ModernTailor shirt came out near perfect. In particular, ModernTailor has a wider assortment of collars and cuffs, including our preferred collar - the cutaway. 

Conclusion: ModernTailor offers an excellent value for money MTM shirt. For younger gentlemen or for those looking to spend less than $100 per shirt, ModernTailor is a great place to go. We recommend ModernTailor.