REVIEW: Waterfield's Razor Case

As the "wet shaving" movement gains further ground, many of us - including those at Lyf Consul - have switched to double-edged safety razors. Yet, unlike the typical disposable razor, transportation of safety razors is a bit more difficult. In fact, in our travels, we have accidentally  cut our fingers trying to fish out our razor from our dopp kit. more. 

Waterfield, the experts at making a variety of bags and sleeves, recently put together a case for razors. At the behest of a client, Gary of Watefield put together a razor case. It comes in two options - black ballistic nylon, and brown leather. We had the chance to road test the black case. The case, like any other from Waterfield, is very sturdy, and feels substantial in one's hands. The case also has a water resistant orange lining. In our experience, the case worked perfectly with a Merkur razor. If you find yourself traveling with a razor, get this case. Now, if only Gary could design a case for shaving soap and the badger brush our traveling would be perfect.