REVIEW: Nomos Metro Review: A Week on the Wrist

Nomos Glashütte is often overlooked by its Glashütte, German based peers, but shouldn't be. Founded in 1990, by Roland Schwertner, the company's designs were influenced by the Bauhaus style. In the early years, Nomos relied on the ETA SA / Pesuex 7001 movement, but since 2005 the company has used in-house built movements. 

In 2014, Nomos contracted Berlin based designer Mark Braun to create the Metro. The first thing that strikes you about the Nomos Metro watch is how stunningly beautiful it is. When we had the chance to review the watch and spend some time with it on our wrist, we couldn't have been more excited. 

The Metro is a manually wound watch which is the first Nomos watch to include its own escapement, the Nomos Swing System. Nomos invested 12 million Euro to develop the Swins system over the course of seven years, which frees the company to manufacture the watch without relying on other watch manufacturers for movement parts. 

The Metro features a white face, with mint and red details, including the power reserve which indicates when the watch needs to be re-wound, at the bottom of the face is the calendar date function, which has been patented by Nomos. The Metro is  37mm faced watch, with wire lugs that sits slimly at 7.65mm. The power reserve is slightly asymetrical, which in our view adds character and personality to this slightly quirky watch. The strap is black cordovan made by Horween of Chicago and feels extremely comfortable. 

In the time that we spent with the watch, we were struck first by its beauty, and then fell in love with the watch. The hand wound movement creates an indelible link between wearer and watch. In an increasingly digital world, its incredible to have a gorgeous piece of analogue technology. 

Its design and features are handsome for a suit, or casual enough for a t-shirt and jeans. In the time we spent with the Metro, it matched every combination of formal and casual we wore. Not only that, the watch received compliments for all who saw it. For such a stunning watch, the only slight drawback is the box in which Nomos sends the watch in. After spending a week with the watch, we were saddened to send it back to Nomos. This is a watch you can't go wrong with.