REVIEW: The Best Travel Pants?

For those of us that travel and spend a lot of time in airplanes, finding travel friendly clothing can be challenging. We've all seen travelers in sweatpants or pajamas taking casual to an extreme. And while jeans are comfortable, over extended periods of time, especially on an airplane, they can become stiff and uncomfortable. Recognizing this problem, we began our search for a jeans alternative that was more comfortable but still a pair of pants. With that in mind, we recently tried out Mission Workshops's Division Chino, and Lululemon's ABC pants. 

Based in San Francisco, Mission Workshop has carved a niche for itself in terms of manufacturing clothing with technical fabrics. The Division Chino is made of four way stretch nylon fabric from Swiss-made Schoeller®-Dryskin fabric with Nanosphere® water repellent treatment. The fabric is soft to the touch, and highly water repellant. Unlike jeans that absorb water, the Division Chino's are highly water repellant.  If you're ever caught in the rain, water just beads on the fabric and can be shaken off. 

What makes the Division Chino's unique is that they are constructed to appear like a normal pair of chinos that you can easily wear to the office. The chinos also have a side zippered pocket, that can easily store a cellphone or a passport. The pants are cut in an athletic or slim fit and fit true to size. Unlike various other companies, Mission Workshop's products, including the Division Chino's are made in the USA. In our experience these are not only a great pair of pants for travel, but also a highly comfortable alternative to jeans.  

The Lululemon ABC pants lack the outdoor toughness of Mission Workshop, but makeup for them in their additional comfort. Unsurprisingly, these are pants from a company made famous for their comfortable yoga wear. The pants are made from a four-way stretch Warpstreme™ fabric that lends to the fabric a certain comfortability and ease not found in jeans. The pants have a wider profile than the Division Chino pants and are a bit baggier. 

While our search continues to find comfortable travel clothing, both the Division Chino's and the ABC pants make the cut. You can't go wrong with either.