REVIEW: Scurfa Diver One: A Week on the Wrist

What humbly began as a professional tool for divers - dive watches - have now become de rigueur for watch lovers. Rolex, Tudor, Omega, or other expensive dive watches, have now become icons of adventure, of expeditions and trips long since passed, promising the wearer with some vestige of its former glory. As a result, their price points have made them inaccessible for most adventure seekers, and instead status symbols. 

Enter Paul Scurfield. Scurfield - a professional commercial diver who worked in the North Sea,  - recognizing that most dive watches are no longer worn with diving in mind, started Scurfa Watches. Scurfa Watches began as a way of providing watches that would actually be worn for diving at a price point where divers and others wouldn't fear damaging or losing their watches. 

Scurfa Watches has now released the Diver One, named for the position on a North Sea dive. We had the chance to review the Diver One, stainless steel. The watch is made from 316L surgical grade steel and features a 40mm face, with a screw down crown, and a uni directional bezel. The watch is powered by the Ronda 515 Power Tech Swiss quartz movement, a workhorse movement and is water proof up to 300m or roughly 1000ft. 

This is a handsome looking watch which exudes a certain ruggedness true to its purpose. The black faces suits the matching black bezel, and the bright yellow hands with a lollipop seconds hand makes it very easy to read the time. Moreover, the watch has a generous application of sumer luminous material which illuminates the light even under low light. The watch has a nice weight to it, but its quartz movement is far lighter than an automatic movement and slimmer.

While this is a tool watch, it does not lack the finer refinements of more expensive dive watches. The unidirectional bezel is smooth and produces a nice click, with uniform and consistent threading. The screw in crown works perfectly, and has an elegant "D1" etched into it. The Diver One also boasts a domed sapphire crystal, not typically found in watches at this price point, or for that matter even in some more expensive watches. The Diver One is also available in a silicone and NATO strap. As a nod to its true diving origins, the watch is shipped in a German made twist box in which diving components are shipped in. 

The Scurfa Diver one is arguably the finest dive watch at this price point, a true tool watch that should adorn any wrist.