INTRODUCING: Bresciani Socks.

The B is for beautiful socks. 

Founded in 1970, Bresciani has made its name for its high-end, luxurious socks. The company was founded by Mario Bresciani in Mantova, Italy.  Bresciani is now known for its attention to detail, including using the finest selection of natural yarns, cotton, wool, cashmere, hemp, silk, and linen. All the socks are hand linked. The socks today are 100% made in Italy in the company's factory in Spirano, Bergamo. The company originally began white labeling socks, and now distributes them under their own name. In fact, Canali and Brioni socks are in fact made by Bresciani. 

Bresciani socks can now be found across the world. The company continues to be run by the Bresciani family, with Massimiliano responsible for marketing, Fabio and father Mario responsible for product development and yarn research. We recently had the chance to speak with Massimiliano Bresciani. 

LC: Your family has made a known for itself in hosiery - how did you decide this was also your path?
MB: It was quite natural, when you breath work since you are a kid and you often play in the middle of carton boxes filled of socks with all yarn’s cones around you. Somehow you did not even ask yourself “do you have another future ?” , but just you found yourself already walking the way your parents walked.

LC: What makes a great sock?  
MB: First of all the yarn’s selection. An excellent yarn made an excellent sock 90% of the times. After that more needles has the machine you use for production and better is the knitting and the fitting. All the rest are details, important, but always details.
LC: What makes Bresciani socks special?
MB: The care and passion we have for our business. We select the best yarns, we prepare the best machines (we never use “standard” machines, but we always upgrade them to obtain the best), we have extraordinary people working with us, who are using all the care needed to produce an high quality product…and the style is important too. In our archives we have more then 1.000 styles.
LC: What exactly is a hand linked sock?
MB: Sock is tubular. Is coming out the machine open at the toe (now no more, because the new generation of machines are able to produce socks already linked), so you need to close it. You can cut and sew with nylon, but you feel the link and it is not comfortable or you can link the two parts point by point, re-knitting it by hand using a circular machine. The result is a complete flat link.
LC:  Can you share with us how a sock goes from design to production?
MB: Usually we start from design or pictures of something who inspired us. Then we have to “translate” the design in knitting points, using a CAD program. We record a CD and we use it on the machines (now all the machines are computerized.

LC: Where do you source your materials from?  
MB: From all over the world. The best cotton is coming from Egypt, the wool from Australia, the cashmere from Himalaya, the silk is Chinese. But all these raw materials are then spun in Italy.
LC: What models or socks in your collection are you most proud of?  
MB: Mother never prefer one of her sons. They are all equal.

LC: Where in the US and UK can your socks be found?
MB: In US at Bergdorf Goodman, Boyds, The Sock Hop NY and online at in UK on
LC: What other brands and products do you admire?
MB: Hermes, Loro Piana, Brioni