REVIEW: MTM Shirts: Solosso

Solosso shirts are another player in the MTM shirt market, and may be our favourite thus far. While the company is based in Singapore, its shirts are made in Thailand. Solosso has developed a reputation for its unfused collar and unfused cuff shirts which lend themselves to being very comfortable. We recently had the chance to review one and were not disappointed. 

Website: The Solosso website is straight forward with no frills. While that does make it challenging in evaluating fabrics, we were so happy with the fabric quality that we could let this slide: 

Customer Service: Our first experience in ordering a shirt was very straight forward and with no issues. As such, we were not in a position to evaluate the company's customer service. We communicated with Jan for the review and he was helpful. 

Fabrics: Unlike other MTM retailers, the fabric selection at Solosso is somewhat limited and mostly features classic colours and patterns. We selected one of the higher end fabrics - "Baby Blue Micro Grid" - and were very happy with its feel and drape. 

Fit and Construction: Like our other reviews, we submitted measurements from a shirt that already fit well and the first time was near perfect and did not need any alterations. The construction was on the higher end of other MTM shirts that we have reviewed with no errant threads. We chose and unfused shirt and were very happy with the results

Conclusion: Buy this shirt to understand what we mean. The folks at Solosso have gone the extra mile in making a wonderful product for men with discriminating tastes. The shirts use thick premium mother of pearl buttons, come with metal collar stays, and elegantly packed. This maybe perhaps the perfect online MTM shirt. If forced to provide feedback, we would recommend a wider collar with longer points - a true cutaway collar.