INTRODUCING: Daizo Emori shoes of Japan

Daizo Emori is one of Japan's foremost bespoke shoe makers. Continuing with our series of master shoemakers. We interview Diazo Emori. 

LC: Can you tell us a bit about yourself and when you began producing shoes under your own name?
DE: I was born in Tokyo in 1972. After graduating from the university, I began to work in a company. Then 15 years ago, I heard about the Japanese hand-stitched shoe atelier called
Ogasawara shoes which I began to like a lot, and I started to work there for 4 years.
I then established my own brand in 2005. 

LC: What makes a Emori shoe unique?
DE: I try not to have any specific style and that is why Emori shoes are unique.

LC: Japanese shoes tend to have a much higher quality of attention and detail than European and UK shoes. Why do you think that is?
DE: I think it’s our national character. We think being well-organized is good.

LC: Where do you source your leather and soles from?
DE: I source from a good trading firm and the tanner.

LC: Can you tell us a bit more about your lasts and your own designs?
DE: The lasts were made through communication with one of my customers. I recognized the important thing and I began to turn an idea into a reality.  As a result, I can assure Emori shoes are comfortable and you cannot find the same shoes in the world. The idea of design come from how the shoes want to be made. Of course, I respond to a request from my customers,
but it’s more like the shoes have their own characteristics, and I try to support that.

LC: What are your thoughts on a RTW or MTO line?
DE: Gradually, I became more interested in MTO line than RTW. I am happy to make the shoes which customers satisfy and that is why I am enthusiastic about my job.

LC: How many artisans work with you? And how long does it take to make a pair of shoes?
DE: I’m the only artisan in my atelier. I can’t say exact delivery date of making a pair of shoes. It all depends on the shapes of individual feet and the design which customers desire, but it takes about 8 months to make a pair of shoes.


LC: Can you share with us your process for making a shoe for a customer?
DE: I try to grasp what the customers really want; whether the design or foot comfort. Later that, I make the shoe stretcher according to their feet shapes and the characters.Then I make a shoe to fit, and to see how it looks, and the foot comfort. Finally we choose the leather to make the original pair of shoes.

How can a customer in US or Europe today purchase a pair of shoes from you?
DE: Come into my atelier for a consultation by making an appointment, and I will help you select style, size, and leather. You can also contact the shop; the World Foot Galary and they can contact me.

Emori shoe atelier
2-36-4 Kitamagome Ootaku, Tokyo, Japan

World Foot Galary, Jingumae shop
1F, Jingumae building
2-17-6 Jingumae Shibuyaku, Tokyo, Japan
Tel: +81 3 3423 2021 (Open from 11:00am to 8pm)

LC: If a customer wished to purchase a pair of shoes from you today how would he do so and how long would it take?
DE: Please make an appointment in advance, and come into my atelier.
It would take about 8 months.

LC: In your own collection which is your favorite shoe?
DE: My customers’ favorite shoes are my favorite, too.

LC: Which shoe makers today do you admire?
DE: I like the style of Yohei Fukuda, the Japanese shoe maker.