REVIEW: Kamakura Featherlight Packable Coat

Readers of Lyf Consul, should by now be familiar with Kamakura Shirts. While Kamakura offers a wide range of products under various lines in Japan, thus far only its shirts have been available in the US. That is slowly changing. 

The company recently offered its Featherlight Packable Coat to American buyers exclusively through its New York store. 

The jacket is made from a smooth and tough nylon material made by Daiichi Orimono. The jacket compresses into a small pouch that comes along with the jacket. There is also a convenient detachable hood. All in all, the jacket is a far more elegant option than wearing a ski jacket. And while it won't keep you warm, it will keep you dry. It's a great item to pack away in a bag or suitcase in the chance of rain. 

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