REVIEW: Butler Luxury

Using a plastic hanger for an expensive suit just won't do. A proper hanger will help ensure the life of the garment as well as help in maintaining its shape. Enter Butler Luxury

The company has made a name for itself with its high quality hangers, appropriate for your finest garments. Butler Luxury's hangers are made with grade A beech wood imported from Germany. The hangers are polished to give them a truly luxurious look. In particular, the hangers have wide shoulders, to help support tailored jackets. The suit hangers and pant hangers, have a wide velvet trouser bar that leaves no marks on fine wool or other fabrics, and prevents slippage. 

We have had the chance to test a variety of the hangers for a while now and have been extremely impressed. These hangers are truly gorgeous; be warned you may have to upgrade your wardrobe once you get your hands on these.