REVIEW: Equus Leather Belt

We wrote about Equus Leather belts earlier. We had the chance to review the the Stratfield Leather Belt kit. The belt itself is made from a rich, thick, durable chocolate brown bridle leather called Dark Havana. The colour is somewhere between a dark brown and a dark burgundy. What attracted us, however, was the timeless look of the buckle. 

The buckle is simple and timeless, and can be ordered in either brass, palladium (shown here), or ruthenium. After selecting your belt length, colour, and buckle you get to pick how many holes you would like on your belt, either three or five. We opted for five on Charlie's recommendations. In our usage, we should have opted for five for the optionality of when you may put on some weight or after a large meal. 

This is a timeless, classic belt made by hand in England. It has over a very short period of time become our favorite belt.