REVIEW: Punkt MP 01

It comes as no surprise that we are increasingly attached to our mobile phones, perhaps more so than any other object. On average, we touch our phone over 2,000 times a day. Given that, it's no surprise that we're increasingly checking our phones for notifications or the latest updates from social media. Yet, for those that are seeking to disconnect, Punkt's MP 01 offers a compelling alternative. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 11.34.44 AM.png

Designed by Jasper Morrison the MP 01 is a unique "dumb" phone in a sea of smart phones. The MP 01 does what a mobile phone is supposed to - it makes phone calls and offers text messaging. That's it. And it does those things brilliantly. We had the chance to test out the MP 01 and while at first its the equivalent of quitting your smart phone cold turkey, it's a brilliant alternative to the common smart phone. 

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The phone's minimalist and somewhat utilitarian design compels one to hold it and admire its beauty. The MP 01 also comes stocked with unique ring tunes based on bird sounds. The only downside, is that MP 01 only supports 2G networks, which while boosting battery life, makes it difficult in America to find a network to support it. Thus far, the only network that supports it is T-Mobile, which means that you mean need to get another SIM card if you're on a non T-Mobile network currently. Future editions of the MP 01 will offer broader support beyond 2G. 

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At a $295 this is far cheaper investment than any competing smart phone with a focus on design that you can by. We'd wager that even Jony Ive would admire the beauty and simplicity of this phone. Make the switch.