One of our secrets to traveling is to pack a good beanie and scarf. They keep you warm, and easily double as an eye mask. The combination of the two is in our experience essential to staying warm on flights and not only falling asleep, but staying asleep given all the commotion on a longhaul flight.

Here’s where Buff comes in. First, Buff offers what it calls “a multifunctional, tubular accessory,” we’ll call it a circle shaped scarf. In the few months that we’ve had it, we’ve fallen in love with it. Unlike traditional scarves it won’t fall off your neck. And you can easily roll it up to your face and just disappear. Moreover, it’s made out of merino wool, which is designed to wick moisture and keep you cool when hot, and warm when cold. While its not as soft as cashmere, its not scratchy either. There’s a video here to see how it can be worn in a variety of different ways.

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The beanie is also made out of merino wool and is also terrific. Both products are available in both a light weight merino wool - more appropriate for typical/daily use; and a mid-weight merino wool which would be more suitable for a proper cold day. The lightweight merino wool scarf and beanie haven’t left our travel bag since we got our hands on them.

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REVIEW: Punkt MP 01

It comes as no surprise that we are increasingly attached to our mobile phones, perhaps more so than any other object. On average, we touch our phone over 2,000 times a day. Given that, it's no surprise that we're increasingly checking our phones for notifications or the latest updates from social media. Yet, for those that are seeking to disconnect, Punkt's MP 01 offers a compelling alternative. 

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While Germany may be known for its automative exports, Hiltl trousers maybe the BMW equivalent for German trousers. Established in 1955 Hiltl may arguably be Germany's finest trouser brand, but remains relatively unknown outside of Germany.

That should change now. In 2016, NORD Holding acquired Hiltl and has decided to inject some new energy into a German heritage brand with the appointment of Andreas Wolfer as the new Managing Director.  

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REVIEW: Jins Eyewear

Over the past few years there's been a wave of Japanese retailers that have entered the American market. In clothing retail there has been Uniqlo and Kamakura. The most recent entrant into the market is Jins. In Japan, Jins is synonymous with eyeglasses. Across Japan and Asia the company operates 350 stores where customers can pop in and under an hour walk out with a set of prescription eyeglasses. The company opened its first store in America in San Francisco's Union Square in April of this year. We recently had the chance to speak with Jins and learn more about their plans. Our interview with Jins and our review follows below. 

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REVIEW: Scurfa Diver One: A Week on the Wrist

What humbly began as a professional tool for divers - dive watches - have now become de rigueur for watch lovers. Rolex, Tudor, Omega, or other expensive dive watches, have now become icons of adventure, of expeditions and trips long since passed, promising the wearer with some vestige of its former glory. As a result, their price points have made them inaccessible for most adventure seekers, and instead status symbols. 

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REVIEW: The Best Travel Pants?

For those of us that travel and spend a lot of time in airplanes, finding travel friendly clothing can be challenging. We've all seen travelers in sweatpants or pajamas taking casual to an extreme. And while jeans are comfortable, over extended periods of time, especially on an airplane, they can become stiff and uncomfortable. Recognizing this problem, we began our search for a jeans alternative that was more comfortable but still a pair of pants. With that in mind, we recently tried out Mission Workshops's Division Chino, and Lululemon's ABC pants.

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